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Denmarks oldest candy factory

anno 1864


With natural aroma substances, we make our sweets based on recipes dating back to 1864. The old craft traditions are preserved and the result is not to be mistaken. Delicious old-fashioned sweets full of taste and sweetness. If you come by one day, Blåvand Bolcher is an obvious place to visit, where you can make your own lollipop, or enjoy a cup of coffee and much more in the café.

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American Hotdog Style


Blåvand Bolcher søger personale

Are you a student over 18 years - or min. 15 years old, has finished 9th grade and wants a part-time job on weekends and school holidays? So write a little about yourself in an email and send it to us soon. Employement as fast as possible 🤗

Opening hours

10.00 – 20.00

Make your own

Call us on 75 27 68 16 to hear when you can
make your own lollipop.

We reserve the right to have the cooker present.

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